We are a friendly, welcoming pre-school with highly qualified and motivated staff which values all children and provides high quality, inclusive and affordable childcare for the local community. We pride ourselves on having an open door policy where we are happy to discuss any concerns or meet to discuss your child’s needs. We’ve obviously made some changes recently to ensure we are Covid-Secure.

We are a committee run pre-school who are keen to involve more parents. The Parent Management Committee manages the pre-school and all its funds and are keen for new parents to come on board and help with fundraising, ideas and the running of the setting.

Our sessions are designed to meet the needs of our parents and the Early Years Foundation stage requirements. We work closely with the Ramsey Spinning Infants School as our setting is the main feeder into their school.

Our Pre-school is split into two groups, yellow being our 2 and 3-year-old children and blue, our Preschool aged group. All of our children mix together however, have adult led learning times, registration and some activities in their specific colour groups. We have found that this enables all children to flourish and learn at appropriate age levels and helps them to gain the most from their time at Ramsey Pre-school. 

We provide a range of free choice and adult led activities and the children enjoy free flow access to our garden area. We cover all aspects of the EYFS and provide exciting learning opportunities for all of our children. 

We are registered with OFSTED and work closely with Cambridgeshire Council to ensure we are meeting the needs of the National Early Years Foundation principles and practice so our children can learn happily through play. 

We currently have a ‘GOOD’ Ofsted rating and are continually improving and developing practice to achieve outstanding.