A typical day at preschool.The children have so much fun and take part in a range of adult led and free choice activities, they have been extending their learning and development and have produced some lovely pieces of work, therefore we wanted to share with you what we have been up to over the last few weeks.

As well as free choice and typical day activities we have been looking at healthy eating, fruit tasting, and washing our hands.

The children have been cutting and sticking worksheets to show how we wash hands and have also produced a healthy lunch box example by cutting and sticking and selecting food.

We have been painting and colouring daffodils by having a vase full and encouraging the children to draw what they see.

We have been working on the children writing their names and matching shapes, and the children have had lots of fun in our new dark den playing with the colour changing cubes and pillows.

We have engaged in energetic music and movement activities, obstacle courses and yoga exercises; looking at the effects on our bodies.

We also promote independence at preschool; the children help to prepare snack, wash their own cups and plates.

We also, encourage them to take care of their own personal hygiene needs including washing hands thoroughly.Plus many more activities